I am so lucky to work with the BEST and most MOTIVATED clients who accomplish great things in their lives. Here are some of the things they say about what I do:

(names have been committed to protect privacy-you’re just going to have to trust me)

My very favorite thing about Carolyn is her ability to be bold and challenge your thoughts and behaviors, while doing so with a heart full of compassion- which I think is the perfect balance to keep you motivated on your road to success. I think she has this ability because she knows and understands change is HARD work. I feel like Carolyn was truly invested in my journey and wanted to see me overcome my struggles and become my best self and I know she would want that for you too!


Carolyn is awesome in so many ways. One being very bold yet compassionate when she helps you through hard things. I love hearing Carolyn talk. She makes me want to be a better person!!!


Every member of my family has spent time in Carolyn’s office. She’s magical in solving many issues. Highly recommend her!